31 Jul

I’m not just beautiful,

I am beyond it.

Yes, I have full lips, nice hips, small waist.

Almond shaped eyes, caramel skin, pretty face…

But this my love, is only the beginning.

It’s beyond what you see, my beauty stems from within.

Neither my hips, my cheekbones, or my curls define me…

It’s my heart, my soul, and brain that are truly lovely.

Understand that my beauty extends from within on out, on to poise, character, wit, intelligence…

‘Cause I’m not just beautiful, I’m beyond it.

See these smiling eyes, thick thighs, yes I get them from my momma…

And she did not raise no fool, that ‘s why my beauty does not coexist with drama.

See it begins with my brain and oozes out of my soul

It’s what keeps me focused, alive….it’s what makes me whole.


I have no mold to fit!


Because I’m not just beautiful, I’m beyond it.


Model: Ashley Dash Marie

Photographer: Chris Sampson

MUA: Lawanda Payne MUA (me)

….to me, make up artistry is not about gimmicks, or trends, or tricks. It’s not magic. It’s not suppose to make you look like a DIFFERENT person (unless that is what is to be desired for a specific shoot or occasion). Make up is supposed to simply enhance the beauty that has been given to you by your creator. Yes, you highlight, you contour, you add color….. but simply to bring out the beauty that is already there. As a MUA, I don’t think talent equals being able to accomplish the newest trends, or any of that, it’s about being able to make someone look naturally beautiful. As if they are NOT wearing make up. Then adding the sparkle. Make up should not make you look like a character, not when it’s unnecessary. Make up does not make you beautiful,

the beauty is already there – it’s YOU.

Food for thought!


LPayne MUA

stay up, inspire, and always create!

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